hn Directory Reference



file  bind_placeholders.h [code]
 Defines Boost.Bind placeholder variables.
file  config.h [code]
 Interface for Config class.
file  endian.h [code]
file  event.h [code]
 Interface for Event subsystem.
file  eventbase.h [code]
 Interface for Event Handling Subsystem.
file  fileslist.h [code]
 Interface for FilesList class.
file  gettickcount.h [code]
 Portable gettimeofday clone function.
file  hash.h [code]
 Interface for Hash<>, HashSet<> and their base classes.
file  hasher.h [code]
 Interface for Files Checksumming Subsystem.
file  hashsetmaker.h [code]
 Interface for various HashSet generators used in P2P networks.
file  hnfwd.h [code]
 Forward declarations for HydraNode Core classes.
file  hnprec.h [code]
 Precompiled header generator Compile this to generate precompiled file (if your compier supports it).
file  hydranode.h [code]
 Main application header file.
file  ipfilter.h [code]
file  ipv4addr.h [code]
 Interface for IPV4Addr class.
file  lambda_placeholders.h [code]
file  log.h [code]
 Interface for Logging Subsystem.
file  md4transform.h [code]
 Interface for Md4Transform class.
file  md5transform.h [code]
 Interface for MD5 checksumming class.
file  metadata.h [code]
 Interface for various MetaData structurs.
file  metadb.h [code]
 Interface for MetaDb class.
file  modules.h [code]
 Interface for Module Management Subsystem.
file  object.h [code]
file  osdep.h [code]
 Various os/compiler specific stuff.
file  partdata.h [code]
 Interface for PartData class.
file  prefs.h [code]
file  range.h [code]
 Interface for Range class.
file  rangelist.h [code]
 Interface for RangeList class.
file  schedbase.h [code]
 Interface for SchedBase class.
file  scheduler.h [code]
file  search.h [code]
 Interface for Searching API.
file  sha1transform.h [code]
 This is the header file for code which implements the Secure Hashing Algorithm 1 as defined in FIPS PUB 180-1 published April 17, 1995.
file  sharedfile.h [code]
 Interface for SharedFile class.
file  sockets.h [code]
 Interface for HydraNode Socket API.
file  ssocket.h [code]
 Interface for SSocket class.
file  utils.h [code]
 Various useful utility functions.
file  workthread.h [code]
 Interface for WorkThread API.