hydranode.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Implementation of HydraNode class.

Definition in file hydranode.cpp.

#include <hn/hnprec.h>
#include <hn/hydranode.h>
#include <hn/prefs.h>
#include <hn/log.h>
#include <hn/modules.h>
#include <hn/sockets.h>
#include <hn/schedbase.h>
#include <hn/fileslist.h>
#include <hn/metadb.h>
#include <boost/filesystem/operations.hpp>
#include <boost/date_time/posix_time/posix_time.hpp>

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Initialized from main(), these are passed from process starter.

static char ** s_argv
static int s_argc


 IMPLEMENT_EVENT_TABLE (HydraNode, HydraNode *, HNEvent)


static const uint32_t METADB_SAVETIME = 60*1000*10
 10 minutes

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HydraNode ,

Variable Documentation

const uint32_t METADB_SAVETIME = 60*1000*10 [static]

10 minutes

Definition at line 41 of file hydranode.cpp.

Referenced by HydraNode::initFiles(), and HydraNode::onEvent().

int s_argc [static]

Definition at line 38 of file hydranode.cpp.

Referenced by HydraNode::init().

char** s_argv [static]

Definition at line 37 of file hydranode.cpp.

Referenced by HydraNode::checkCreateDir(), HydraNode::init(), and HydraNode::initConfig().