module_ed2k Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ED2KPacket::AcceptUploadReqEmpty packet, indicating an accepted upload request (e.g
ED2KPacket::AnswerSourcesAnswerSources packet is the expected answer to SourceExchReq packet, and contains the list of sources corresponding to a file hash
ED2KPacket::CallbackReqThis packet indicates that a remote client wishes us to "call back" to it
ED2KPacket::CancelTransferCancelTransfer packet indicates that the receiver of this packet should stop sending data
ED2KPacket::ChangeIdChangeId packet indicates the sending client changed it's ID on the net from oldId to newId
ClientClient object encapsulates a single remote client that we are communicating with
Detail::ClientExtBaseBase class for "Client Extensions" - state-dependant parts of Client constructed as needed; Encapsulates m_parent pointer, which the extension can use to access the parent object
ClientListClientList manages all clients currently in use
Detail::ClientListIndicesClientList indexes
Detail::CListClientList type
CreditsCredits object represent one single client's credits entry
CreditsDbCreditsDb class stores and maintains ClientCredits type objects, which represent eDonkey2000 client credits
ED2KPacket::DataChunkDataChunk packet indicates a single data chunk send from one client to another
DownloadDownload is a wrapper class around ed2k-compatible PartData objects
Detail::DownloadInfoDownloadInfo object controls downloading data from the remote client
DownloadListDownloadList is a container for Download objects, wrapping around PartData objects
DownloadList::IterIterator for the underlying implementation
ED2KFileED2KFile class represents a file as is known to ED2K network
ED2KParser< Parent >ED2KParser template class provides a generic interface for parsing ED2K network stream
ED2KParser< Parent >::InternalPacketInternalPacket structure is a temporary storage for a single packet data
ED2KParser< Parent >::PacketFactoryPacketFactory is an abstract base class for specific packet factories, which handle specific packet construction and user callbacks after packet construction
ED2KSearchResultSearchFile is a customized ED2KFile which adds search-result related members
ED2KPacket::FileDescFileDesc packet contains the rating and the comment of the file
ED2KPacket::FileNameFileName is the expected response to ReqFile, and contains the hash, and the file name corresponding to that hash
ED2KPacket::FileNotFoundIndicates that the requested file (via last ReaskFilePing) was not found
ED2KPacket::FileStatusFinalizing the upload request sequence, this packet is sent by the uploading client to indicate that the file is ready to be uploaded
ED2KPacket::FoundSourcesThis is server's response to ReqSources packet, and contains the list of sources for the given hash
ED2KPacket::GetServerListSent to server, this requests the server to send us its current known servers list
ED2KPacket::GlobFoundSourcesResponse to UDP GlobGetSources, this packet includes hash and list of sources corresponding to that hash
ED2KPacket::GlobGetSourcesGlobal source aquisition; sent via UDP, and contains one or more file hashes, for which we wish to get sources for
ED2KPacket::GlobStatReqGlobal stats request; requests server to respond it's current users/files counts
ED2KPacket::GlobStatResGlobal stats response - includes the servers current users/files counts
ED2KPacket::HashSetHashSet packet is answer to ReqHashSet packet, and contains the hashset corresponding to the requested filehash
ED2KPacket::HelloHello packet is used to initialize a communication with another client
ED2KPacket::HelloAnswerHelloAnswer packet is the expected response to Hello packet
ED2KPacket::IdChangeIdChange packet is sent by servers after establishing a connection with the server to notify the client of their new ID
ED2KPacket::InvalidPacketException class, thrown when invalid packets are found during parsing
ED2KPacket::LoginRequestLoginRequest packet is sent to server after establishing the connection to let the server know we are there
ED2KPacket::MessageA text message sent from one client to another client
ED2KPacket::MuleInfoAnswerMuleInfoAnswer packet is the response to MuleInfo packet, and contains the exact same data as MuleInfo packet
ED2KPacket::MuleQueueRankMuleQueueRank packet is different from QueueRanking packet only from implementation point of view
ED2KPacket::NoFileAnswer to SetReqFileId packet, this indicates that we are not sharing the file currently
ED2KPacket::OfferFilesOfferFiles packet is used in eDonkey2000 network to publish shared files to currently connected server
ED2KPacket::PackedChunkEmule extended packet, this contains packed data chunk
ED2KPacket::PacketAbstract base Packet class defines a virtual destructor, and few convenience methods for usage by derived classes
ED2KPacket::PortTestPortTest isn't exactly part of eDonkey2000 nor eMule extended protocol; it is instead used to verify correct firewall configurations, for example, by a website with an appropriate button
ED2KPacket::PublicKeyPublicKey packet is the expected response to SecIdentState packet which requested PublicKey; it contains - the remote client's public key ofcourse
PublicKeyPublicKey indicates an entities public RSA key
Detail::QueryTimeExtractorLast udp query time extractor functor
ED2KPacket::QueueFullQueueFull indicates that the remote client's queue is ..
Detail::QueueInfoQueueInfo object is part of Client object that represents the queue state
ED2KPacket::QueueRankingIndicates the queue ranking of a queued client
ED2KPacket::ReaskAckReaskAck is an expected response to ReaskFilePing packet, ant includes the remote queue ranking
ED2KPacket::ReaskFilePingUsed to ping sources every 20 minutes to verify that we are still queued for our requested file
ED2KPacket::ReqCallbackRequest the callback from a LowID client
ED2KPacket::ReqChunksRequests (up to) three parts, indicated by the three ranges
ED2KPacket::ReqFileReqFile indicates that the sender wishes us to to upload the file to him
ED2KPacket::ReqHashSetReqHashSet packet is used to request a hashset from remote client
ED2KPacket::ReqSourcesRequest sources for a hash from server
ED2KPacket::SearchSearch packet is used in client<->server communication to perform a search on one or more servers
ED2KPacket::SearchResultSearchResult packet is sent by server, and contains one or more search results
ED2KPacket::SecIdentStateInitiate Secure Identification with remote client; requests the remote client to send us signature (and if needed) also publickey
Detail::ServerServer represents one server object
Detail::ServerAddrExtractorServerAddr extractor functor
ED2KPacket::ServerIdentServerIdent is a response from server to GetServerList packet, and includes information about the server
ServerListServerList class encapsulates the list of known servers
ED2KPacket::ServerListServerList packet is sent by servers in response to GetServerList packet, and contains a list of known servers to the source
Detail::ServerListIndicesServer list structure, sorted by IP address and name
ED2KPacket::ServerMessageServerMessage is a free-form string message sent by servers after successful login
Detail::ServerNameExtractorServerName extractor functor
ED2KPacket::ServerStatusServerStatus is a packet sent by servers after establishing a connection, containing number of users and files currently on the server
ED2KPacket::SetReqFileIdSetReqFileId is the last request from the client, binding the requested file to the hash sent in this packet
ED2KPacket::SignatureSignature packet is the expected response to SecIdentState packet which requested Signature; it contains - the remote client's signature ofcourse
ED2KPacket::SourceExchReqSourceExchReq packet is sent from one client to another in order to request all sources the remote client knows for a hash
Detail::SourceInfoSourceInfo indicates a client which has one (or more) files to offer to us
ED2KPacket::StartUploadReqStartUploadReq finalizes the upload request sequence
TagTag class represents one Tag in the protocol
TagErrorException class, thrown when Tag parsing fails
Detail::UploadInfoUploadInfo object is a part of Client object that represents the upload state