Credits Member List

This is the complete list of members for Credits, including all inherited members.

addDownloaded(uint32_t amount)Credits [inline]
addUploaded(uint32_t amount)Credits [inline]
Credits(PublicKey key, const Hash< MD4Hash > &h)Credits
Credits(std::istream &i, uint8_t ver)Credits [private]
Credits()Credits [private]
Credits(const Credits &)Credits [private]
CreditsDb classCredits [friend]
getDownloaded() const Credits [inline]
getHash() const Credits [inline]
getLastSeen() const Credits [inline]
getPubKey() const Credits [inline]
getScore() const Credits [inline]
getUploaded() const Credits [inline]
m_downloadedCredits [private]
m_hashCredits [private]
m_lastSeenCredits [private]
m_pubKeyCredits [private]
m_uploadedCredits [private]
operator<<(std::ostream &o, const Credits &c)Credits [friend]
operator=(const Credits &)Credits [private]
setLastSeen(uint32_t time)Credits [inline]
~Credits()Credits [private]