CreditsDb Member List

This is the complete list of members for CreditsDb, including all inherited members.

create(PublicKey key, const Hash< MD4Hash > &hash)CreditsDb
createCryptKey(const std::string &where)CreditsDb [private]
createSignature(PublicKey key, uint32_t challenge, IpType ipType, uint32_t ip)CreditsDb [static]
CreditsDb()CreditsDb [private]
CreditsDb(const CreditsDb &)CreditsDb [private]
find(const PublicKey &key) const CreditsDb
find(const Hash< MD4Hash > &hash) const CreditsDb
getPublicKey() const CreditsDb [inline]
instance()CreditsDb [inline, static]
load(const std::string &file)CreditsDb
loadCryptKey(const std::string &where)CreditsDb [private]
m_listCreditsDb [private]
m_pubKeyCreditsDb [private]
operator=(const CreditsDb &)CreditsDb [private]
save(const std::string &file) const CreditsDb
verifySignature(PublicKey key, uint32_t challenge, const std::string &sign, IpType ipType, uint32_t ip)CreditsDb [static]
~CreditsDb()CreditsDb [private]