Download Member List

This is the complete list of members for Download, including all inherited members.

addSource(Client *c)Download [inline]
CIter typedefDownload [private]
delSource(Client *c)Download [inline]
destroy()Download [private]
Download(PartData *pd, const Hash< ED2KHash > &hash)Download [private]
Download(const Download &)Download [private]
DownloadList classDownload [friend]
getHash() const Download [inline]
getLastSrcExch() const Download [inline]
getLastUdpQuery() const Download [inline]
getPartData() const Download [inline]
getSize() const Download
getSourceCount() const Download [inline]
getSourceLimit() const Download [inline]
getSources() const Download
isSourceReqAllowed(Client *c) const Download
m_hashDownload [private]
m_lastSrcExchDownload [private]
m_lastUdpQueryDownload [private]
m_partDataDownload [private]
m_sourceLimitDownload [private]
m_sourcesDownload [private]
operator<(const Download &x, const Download &y)Download [friend]
operator=(const Download &)Download [private]
setLastSrcExch(uint64_t t)Download [inline]
setSourceLimit(uint32_t l)Download [inline]
Source typedefDownload [private]
~Download()Download [private]