ED2KPacket::ReqHashSet Class Reference

ReqHashSet packet is used to request a hashset from remote client. More...

#include <packets.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ReqHashSet (const Hash< ED2KHash > &hash)
 ReqHashSet (std::istream &i)
 operator std::string ()
Hash< ED2KHash > getHash () const

Private Attributes

Hash< ED2KHash > m_hash
 File hash.

Detailed Description

ReqHashSet packet is used to request a hashset from remote client.

The expected answer to this packet is HashSet packet.

Definition at line 672 of file packets.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ED2KPacket::ReqHashSet::ReqHashSet const Hash< ED2KHash > &  hash  ) 

Definition at line 889 of file packets.cpp.

ED2KPacket::ReqHashSet::ReqHashSet std::istream &  i  ) 

Definition at line 890 of file packets.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

ED2KPacket::ReqHashSet::operator std::string  ) 

Definition at line 892 of file packets.cpp.

References m_hash, ED2KPacket::Packet::makePacket(), and OP_REQHASHSET.

Hash<ED2KHash> ED2KPacket::ReqHashSet::getHash  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 678 of file packets.h.

References m_hash.

Member Data Documentation

Hash<ED2KHash> ED2KPacket::ReqHashSet::m_hash [private]

File hash.

Definition at line 680 of file packets.h.

Referenced by getHash(), and operator std::string().

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