module_ed2k File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
clientext.cpp [code]Implementation of Client class extensions
clientext.h [code]Extension classes for Client object
clientlist.cpp [code]Implementation of ClientList class
clientlist.h [code]Interface for ClientList class
clients.cpp [code]Implementation of clients-related classes
clients.h [code]Interface for Client classe
creditsdb.cpp [code]Implementation of CreditsDb and Credits classes
creditsdb.h [code]Interface for CreditsDb and ClientCredits classes
cryptopp.cpp [code]Subset of Crypto++ library, implementation
cryptopp.h [code]Subset of Crypto++ library, interface
downloadlist.cpp [code]Implementation of Download and DownloadList classes
downloadlist.h [code]Interface for Download and DownloadList classes
ed2k.cpp [code]Implementation of ED2K Module entry point
ed2k.h [code]
ed2kfile.cpp [code]Implementation of ED2KFile class
ed2kfile.h [code]Interface for ED2KFile class
ed2kfwd.h [code]Forward declarations of ED2K module classes
ed2ksearch.cpp [code]
ed2ksearch.h [code]
ed2ktypes.h [code]Types related to ED2K module
factories.h [code]Uses macros to declare a set of factories for each and every packet we can receive from eDonkey2000 network streams
opcodes.h [code]Interface for protocol opcodes used in ed2k network Important: The ed2k protocol overview is generated out from this file, so make sure it is still generated correctly after changing things here
packets.cpp [code]Implementation of Packet objects input/output
packets.h [code]This is an implementation header for ED2K protocol parser
parser.h [code]Interface for ED2KParser class which performs ED2K network stream parsing
publickey.h [code]Interface for PublicKey class
server.cpp [code]Implementation of Detail::Server class
server.h [code]Interface for Detail::Server class
serverlist.cpp [code]Implementation of ServerList and Server classes
serverlist.h [code]Interface for ServerList and Server classes
tag.cpp [code]
tag.h [code]
zutils.cpp [code]Implementation of Zlib-related utility methods
zutils.h [code]C++ wrapper functions/classes for compression-related functionality