Hydranode Documentation


Graphical User Interface

This section of the online documentation describes how to use Hydranode, explains the available configuration options as well as some hidden tweaks for advanced users.

Using Hydranode without graphical user interface

This guide explains how to run Hydranode without a graphical user interface, using the built-in Hydranode Shell to manage the application. Configuration file formats and values are described here, as well as command-line options for the Hydranode Core.

File types descriptions

In the world of file-sharing, one often stumbles upon various odd file formats, such as .iso, .mpq or .nrg, which to the uninitiated can be really confusing. This guide provides reference and descriptions for over a hundred file types, along with list of applications that can read or create the files.

The technology behind Hydranode

Hydranode is a medium-sized application written mainly in C++ using STL, Boost, Trolltech Qt and other support libraries. This section describes the design and codebase of Hydranode, and provides tutorials how to create new extensions or plugins for Hydranode.

Implemented protocols documentation

Currently Hydranode has plugins for eDonkey2000, BitTorrent and HTTP protocols. Each of these protocols has been documented during development, and those documents, along with implementation examples are provided for public viewing and for reference material for developers, along with links to external documentation sources.

Compiling and packaging Hydranode

This developer-oriented document describes how to build Hydranode from the source code, lists the supported compilers and describes the recommended way to package Hydranode binaries.